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About the Foundation

Four Foundation Priorities

Tuition Assistance Program - Since 2013, the Foundation has made the Tuition Assistance Program a focal point of our charitable work. Making sure every student, regardless of their ability to pay, can attend Outdoor Lab is our priority. The Foundation specifically allocates funds based on each school's free and reduced lunch populations and the associated tuition gaps each school faces. During the 22-23 schoolyear, the Foundation directed $175,000 in grants to 35 neighborhood schools. These gifts fully supported 1,359 students in attending Outdoor Lab.  

Intern Stipend Program - The Intern Stipend Program - Interns are the backbone of Outdoor Lab, guiding students in the stewardship of themselves, their community, and the environment. Each year, 40 young adults serve as Interns – ten per site per semester. Interns instruct classes, often co-teaching with classroom teachers. In addition, they manage daily operations at the sites, maintain facilities, and lead flag ceremonies. The Outdoor Lab Foundation commits $20,000 to fund 20 stipends for Interns each year. Moreover, we work with Red Rocks Community College (RRCC) to ensure that each student earns three credit hours in their Outdoor Education Program.  

High School Leaders Program - The High School Leader Program is foundational to the Outdoor Lab experience. We rely on the passion and dedication of these young adults to work in small groups with students to engage in the curriculum deeply. High School Leaders also support sixth-grade students through the inherent challenges of a first-time wilderness experience. 900 High School Leaders provide over 80,000 hours of community service to Jeffco each year. We support the leaders by offering a scholarship program, providing them gear for their service, ensuring they receive academic credit and community service credits important for graduation, and providing a meaningful referral service so leaders can network professionally.

Site Support Program -The Site Support Program ensures teachers have the materials and supplies to implement fun and impactful programming and that clinics have the outerwear and resources they need to keep every student warm, dry, safe, and feeling welcome on site. Moreover, the Foundation purchases materials and supplies for teachers to impart lessons in the field. We pay for important maintenance projects to buildings and facilities, and engage in master planning processes to realize new capital construction projects on the sites.