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Frequently Asked Questions


  • How does the program work?
    • The Outdoor Lab Foundation is pleased to partner with King Soopers and Safeway to raise critical resources for the Outdoor Lab. The Foundation has entered into these corporate giving programs to provide families with a tool to raise funds toward their child's Outdoor Lab tuition fees. These corporate donations also provide important unrestricted funds to the Outdoor Lab Foundation.
      It is important to note that these funds are not the fundraiser's personal resources. Rather, they are funds donated by King Soopers and Safeway to the Foundation. Tracking mechanisms have been created by King Soopers and Safeway in coordination with the Foundation to allocate portions of each corporate donation across the myriad shoppers that participate in the programs. Funds are then earmarked internally by the Foundation to support the expenses associated with tuition for each student.
      Funds are distributed in alignment with the Foundation's mission to support and enhance the Outdoor Lab experience for all students in Jeffco. This includes tuition assistance for marginalized students and under-resourced schools and support for the campuses, so they are attractive and welcoming venues for education. Your continued shopping through this program is significant because it incentivizes and justifies King Soopers and Safeway to continue to make meaningful donations to the Foundation every year.
  • When can I start fundraising?
    • You can begin as early as kindergarten. The earlier you sign up, the more likely your account will cover your student's total tuition.
  • Is it too late to sign up when my student is in sixth-grade?
    • We have to cut off fundraising accruals for students in sixth-grade by December 31st so we can process payments to schools by spring. You’re welcome to fundraise August through December of your child’s sixth-grade year but please know your shopping may not result in a large fundraising total.
  • How do I know how much I have raised?
    • Once you are registered and raising funds through the program, the Foundation will send you quarterly updates letting you know where your balance stands. Moreover, if you have questions about your balance or are not receiving the emails please email us at
  • How do I make sure our Outdoor Lab fee gets paid?
    • Once your student is in their sixth-grade year, let your financial secretary know you are fundraising through the Outdoor Lab Foundation. We will work directly with each school’s financial secretary to confirm student rosters/fundraising amounts and wire the funds directly to the school. 
  • Can I fundraise for my child if I have already paid our Outdoor Lab fee?
    • Even if you have already paid, you can still fundraise for your child through Dec. 31st of their sixth-grade year. Please reach out to your school's financial secretary after payouts have been made in the spring to get your reimbursement.
  • My child moved schools, do I need to do anything?
    • Please let the Foundation know about the move. It is nice to know of any updates in this regard when we begin allocating funds in the spring with each school. The more our rosters match with the schools, the easier it is for us to deliver funds.
  • Can multiple people fundraise for one child?
    • Yes! Multiple family members and friends can fundraise for your child through the Lab Card Program. If fundraising through King Soopers, remember that each unique King Sooper's Shopper Card account linked to your student should be prepared to report fundraising efforts during redemption weeks. 


If you have additional questions regarding fundraising for your student's Outdoor Lab tuition fee, please call the Foundation's office at 720-403-8241 or email