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Share Your Story

Share Your Outdoor Lab Story

Tell us how Outdoor Lab had a positive impact on your personal growth, learning journey, career decisions, motivation for success, or the way you perceive the world. Reflect on how Outdoor Lab has transformed the lives of your friends or family members, describe the enduring lessons that have shaped and influenced you, or recount your most memorable moment from your time at Outdoor Lab!

Your Outdoor Lab story is important. It will help us educate the public, including decision-makers, about the benefits of Outdoor Lab and outdoor education.

We know that a compilation of Outdoor Lab stories unequivocally demonstrates one truth: Outdoor Lab is transformational!

Guiding Questions

  • What did you learn at Outdoor Lab?
  • How did Outdoor Lab impact you (or change your life)?
  • Before today, when did you last think of your time at Outdoor Lab? What triggered that memory?
  • How nervous were you before the trip?
  • Looking back, how would your life have been different without Outdoor Lab?
  • Where is your name badge now? What other items are with it?