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Catching Up with Our Past High School Leader Scholarship Winners


We love hearing from our past High School Leader Scholarship from previous scholarship winners! Check out these updates from our 2021 Winners.


Audrey Riggs, Student at Colorado State University

After a semester at CSU I have met amazing people, learned from brilliant professors, and have furthered my exploration of careers. I have gone on several day hikes with the Outdoor Program and got involved in school events. I am so thankful for the Outdoor Lab experience and the scholarship the organization has provided me. Due to their help, I have been able to focus solely on my studies and not stressing about working. Thank you for the generous money, and the constant support through the semester. 


Essie Reimer, Student at University of Stirling, Scotland

The past 4 months at the University of Stirling in Scotland have quite possibly been the best 4 months of my life—first only to the months I spent at Windy Peak as an intern. My world view has been incredibly positively impacted; I've met so many different people and engaged in a wholly different culture which has been a very unique experience. The ability to travel and see more of the world has also been amazing. My studies have been challenging, but rewarding. The UK grading scale and class system took some getting used to—I only have 3 modules a semester, all relevant to Marine Biology. The immediate focus on my area of study really allowed me to focus my time and energy into my passion for Marine Biology. I'm excited to explore the Marine Science field more as my degree progresses, and I'm incredibly grateful for the opportunities the Outdoor Lab scholarship has awarded me with.


Lauren Roberts, Student at Regis University

During my time at Regis, I have enjoyed so many wonderful classes, from philosophy and religious studies to environmental studies and Spanish! I’ve been able to meet so many diverse students from around the world, and built relationships with all my classmates. I’ve also been able to nurture my passion for the outdoors and explore Colorado’s best hiking trails. Being involved in both the honors program at Regis, and working as a student ambassador has allowed me to gain more academic and professional experience that is fun and fulfilling! Overall, I couldn’t be happier that I chose Regis, and the Outdoor Lab scholarship helped me do that! 


There is still time to apply for the 2022 High School Leader Scholarship Program! Please visit this page to view eligibility requirements and deadlines.