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What is this Intriguing After Dark Event?

It's Outdoor Lab Foundation's annual fundraiser and "friend-raiser", complete with food trucks, live music, a live auction and a silent auction.

Not only is it REALLY fun, it leaves a lasting footprint both on the program and the community!

 Please join us. 

Click Here for Tickets!


A Message from Leopold Bros. Distilling: New Construction Means New Spirits for Outdoor Lab Supporters

Brothers Scott and Todd Leopold continue to draw upon the invaluable education they received attending Outdoor Lab.

Shortly after graduating from Columbine High School, two-time "James Beard Award" Semifinalist, Todd Leopold, began his career with a degree in Malting & Brewing from the acclaimed Siebel Institute of Technology in Chicago. That was over twenty-five years ago. His older brother, Scott, who had the pleasure of being a high school leader, still leads workshops out of the Windy Peak campus. He draws upon the degrees in economics and engineering he received at Northwestern and Stanford to challenge students to develop viable solutions to environmental issues.

This year, the brothers celebrate 20 years in business by breaking ground on an expanded floor malting facility at their distillery in Colorado. Located behind the current Leopold Bros. Distillery in northeast Denver, crews are constructing a multi-story, 30,000 square foot space that will be one of the most sizable floor malting operations in the world, allowing for more than a 10-fold increase of their current floor malting capacity.

With 23 spirits currently in the marketplace, and more spirits to be released in the next few years, Leopold Bros. are expanding malting operations to keep pace with growing production needs and market demands. They will continue to use Colorado-grown grains in the new facility, dubbed The Malt House. In preview of the new spirits to come from this operation, the brothers will be releasing Leopold Bros. Straight Bourbon at the end of July.  


Best Student Quotes from 2018-2019 School Year: 

What better way to look back on another amazing school year at Outdoor Lab than reading from the student experience first-hand? We couldn’t think of one, so that’s why we are thrilled to share these! Some had us laughing, some had us tearing up. Take a look for yourself…. 

“Outdoor Lab is a place where you find out who you really are”.

 “I didn’t know I don’t need my iPhone”. 

 “On Monday I wanted to go home. Now I want to stay forever!”. 

 “Mr. Bazz, your beard is glorious”.

 “A snow day at Outdoor Lab is the best”.

 “I wish we had a salad bar like this at school”.

 “The interns are my favorite. I can’t wait to grow up and be an intern too”.


Outdoor Lab Families: Mark your Calendars!

 FIRST Redemption Week: July 31-August 7, 2019. 

The King Soopers Lab Cards Program changed earlier this year. Families now have to report their earnings via screenshot. The window to do this is between July 31 and August 7.


Meet Ryan Bazz, Mt. Evans Outdoor Lab Principal

Mr. Bazz first fell in love with the Outdoor Lab world as a sixth grade student when he spent a week at Windy Peak. From there he was hooked.

Ryan grew up in Lakewood, where he attended schools in the Green Mountain area. He then earned a degree from Metropolitan State University, taught 7th grade at Carmody Middle School, then obtained his Master's degree in School Administration from Regis. 

He and his wife, another Jeffco educator, have one child together along with two pugs. He's enjoys the great outdoors, coffee and the Rockies... both the mountain range and the baseball team.